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DNA proven ROI (Return of Investment)

Billable Revenue

0.5%-1% is the loss for billable revenue on customers that handle to separate applications for quotes/orders and billing/billing actions. I can provide a statement (need authorization from owner) from a customer that was using for sales and for the billing portion and they had to perform manual updates to make sure that what was sold was being billed for.

Billing Personnel

DNA provides a very well automated Billing Actions functionality within the Billing Module that allows for account suspensions for non-payment or if payments are below a certain threshold (customers who owe more than $10). Suspensions are executed in an automated fashion by a single person without the need to check all accounts; these suspensions are done with a click of a "Submit" action within DNA. For this reason, savings for automating this process by eliminating that one human resource can go anywhere from $2,500-$4,000 per month.

Manual Provisioning

By manually creating accounts on the PBX after service agreements have been executed results in oversubscription that is not billed for and sometimes mistakes on end-user configuration resulting in frustration and extra men hour to fix. While the latter is harder to quantify, the former is clearly a form of loss revenue attributed to the 0.5%-1% mentioned above.

Automated Provisioning

By eliminating human resources where manual provisioning is done by a human being, a service provider can save on time and engineering personnel anywhere from $5,000-$7,000 per month.

Tax Liability

By automating the Taxation process via API with certified taxing agencies, Tax Liability is minimized or completely eliminated. While it would be hard to quantify based on historical records, a single mistake can cost a service provider hundreds of thousands of accumulated back, unpaid taxes.

Hardware Logistics

DNA has a hardware module that integrates various VARs for the purpose of buying hardware. The orders are done via API with the purpose of not only drop-shipping to the end user and saving on shipping costs but also by assigning MAC addresses to previously created users/endpoints hence eliminating another manual process. IP Phone shipments in the US average $6 per device and at an average rate of 300 devices being shipped every month, there is an additional $1,800 per month cost reduction.

Channel Partner/Commissions Module

The Billing Module contains a Channel Partner module that not only gives access for CPs to quote and sell but also track their commissions that are tied to specific customers and their services. This guarantees that all commissions paid out to CPs are accurate and can even be made in an automated fashion following a quick revision by the CFO-A/P resource.


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