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The Cloud-Based Contact Center

You Can Deploy in Minutes...

Route all incoming calls with Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and smart queues

Professionally greet your callers 24/7 without letting your call center or help desk get bogged down during large call volume times.

Direct your callers to the right Agent with a fully customizable ACD or hunt-group.

Get real-time reporting on contact center capacity, utilization and performance

Get insights with real-time dashboards that give you actionable data such as call volume, abandoned calls, average talk time, queued calls and agent status...

Improve your QA, and enable better training and monitoring of agents and users at large.

Improving quality on company-wide communications requires your supervisors to be able to record, silently monitor and coach the agent, or even intercept active calls to speak with both the agent and caller (barge-in)

Toll-Free and International numbers

Set up a vanity toll-free number (think 1-800-FLOWERS), and make it easy for your callers to remember your number. If you do business internationally, you can also get a local number in the places you do business, even if you are not physically located there.

Join Call (Barge-In)

The Join Call (Barge-In) feature allows a listener to join into the call, rather than just listen, as is the case with Listen Only, or speak to only one of the parties, as is such with Whisper (on net User only).

Monitor/Listen Only

The Monitor/Listen Only feature allows the listener to hear both sides of a call, but not be heard by either of the other parties. By default, the Listen Only is selected when a connection is made, so both the Agent (on net User) and Caller (off-net caller) will be unaware of the listener.


The whisper feature allows the whisperer to speak only to the Agent (on net User). The Caller (off-net caller) is not able to hear the whisperer.


  • NO expensive equipment to buy
  • Supports multi-location call centers
  • Real-Time Statistics and Agent Reports
  • Manage your Agents, configure your ACD
  • Set-Up Hunt-Groups online through the
  • Admin Portal
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